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Will you give me any invoicing software ?

Can I hand the documents by mail or courier service ?

Which day of the month must I complete documents to ?

Is the 99 zł netto a total payment for running my company accounting ?

Why your remote accounting office is the cheapest on the market ?

What is the diffrence between you and my local accounting office ?

Can I be sure that everything will be post correctly ?

What is the diffrence between you and self-posting services like ifirma and wfrima ?

Will you represent me in IRS and ZUS ?

Do you offer comprehensive bookkeeping ?

( account books )

Can I ask my accountant about everything that is associated with the accounting of my company ?

What stands for legal advice that is offered in superior bundle ?

Do you offer professional tax consulting service ? How does it look like ?

Yes, it is a total payment in case of a small company at KPiR, up to 20 documents and without employees.

Yes. We are in constant contact with US and ZUS concerning accounting matters of our clients. We also deal with correspondence and possible control from IRS / ZUS.

Yes, you will be given calendar of your accountant to set a remote meeting. You can contact with him whenever you want to :)

We offer the best quality service the money can buy. Productivity is our main goal: swift communication, modern tools of document exchange, online results.

Every process that is present in classic accounting office was completely automated and simplified. Document scans, dropbox, online meetings - all modern, productive, and how the client wants it.

All post operations, document inserting, declarations dispatch etc. are made by IRS, like an ordinary accountant - after optimization of whole.

Yes. We share online application, that also simplify other information exchanges with accounting office. It works in web browser, tablets and smartphones.

Yes. We maintain comprehensive bookkeeping also for limited liability companies and limited parnerships.

Yes. Received documents are scanned and their preview is available for you, so you may check whether all documents have reached us.

Consultation concerning provisions of the general tax law, the control and the procedure of registration of the company, employees, tax optimization, establishing companies.

Yes. We share our knowledge for free. We also offer professional remote consultations with advisor from National Chamber of Tax Advisors for 100 zł/h.

Yes. Apart from the results we also present legible analysis from which payments to the IRS and ZUS results from. We also make all of the posted document scans available for you, together with their account assignment and description.

Invoices - 15th day of the month.

Personnel documents - to the 8th day of the month.

By what means I will be able to deliver my documents ?

Scans and pictures through e-mail, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Evernote, Flickr. We accept also every other virtual drive, application - all is comfortable for the client.

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