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Terms and conditions

§ 1. General resolutionsThese regulations, hereinafter referred to as the Regulations, lay down rules for the provision of services by means of electronic communication, in particular electronic mail, the rules concerning use of these services and the rules of Clients personal data protection.

These Regulations have been constructed based on effective laws and regulations, in particular:

a. Act of 23 April 1964 – The Civil Code (consolidated text: Dziennik Ustaw 2014 item 121);

b. Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means (consolidated text: Dziennik Ustaw 2013 item 1422);

c. Act of 29 August 1997 On The Protection of Personal Data (consolidated text: Dziennik Ustaw 2014 item 1182).

The terms used in these Regulations are as follows:

a. Client – company, natural person, having full legal capability, operating the business and leading the revenue and expense ledger, revenue account or account books (full bookkeeping).

b. Service Provider – Eksięgowy sp. z o.o., ul. Bydgoskich Przemysłowców 6, 85-862 Bydgoszcz, KRS 0000524605, VAT ID: PL9532704887,

c. Services – services performed without the simultaneous presence of sides (remotely) via electronic means of communication, in particular electronic mail by the Service Provider for Clients, in accordance to the Regulations, consisting of inventorying Clients financial documents and on their basis generating tax register (revenue and expense ledger, revenue account, VAT register, fixed assets inventory, equipment inventory, vehicle mileage register, HR and payroll records) and tax declarations (PIT4, PIT4R, PIT4AR, PIT5, PIT5L, VAT7, VAT7K) and ZUS declarations (RCA, RSA, DRA).

d. Agreement – The Service Provision Agreement, concluded by the Sides remotely.

e. Sides – Client and Service Provider

f. Service or Web page – web page, IT system and applications shared by the Service Provider, by which means the Service Provider showcase his Services.

Information enclosed on the Web page is not the part of any offer in the understanding of Article 661 § 1 in accordance to Article 66 of Civil Code but only a invitation to conclude an agreement in accordance to these Regulations.

§ 2. Providing services by electronic means.

Service is provided by the use of IT system, that enables processing and storing and also sending and receiving data via IT networks in accordance to Act of 18 july 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means. Provided services includes:

a. Conclusion of service provision Agreement

b. Providing Services

In order to utilize Services the Client should possess personal computer or device with software enabling browsing the web pages and the device should also have internet connection. In order to commision of the Service, the Client should have email adress and active telephone number supplied by Polish telephone provider using Polish numbering resources (+48). Before the start of utilizing the Service, in it before the conclusion of an agreement, Client should familiarize himself with the contents of these Regulations and with privacy policy available at Service Provider web page.

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§ 3. Conclusion of service provision agreement

In order to conclude an agreement Client submit signed order form disclosed by the Service Provider.

After the Client submits order form, that is mentioned above, Service Provider confirms the conclusion of service provision Agreement.

Then Service Provider send signed order form in an electronic form to email adress provided by the Client.

§ 4. An agreement realization.

The Services provided by the Service Provider consists of posting Clients documents with an use of specialized accounting software and on their base generating tax registers such as: revenue and expense ledger, revenue account, VAT register, fixed assets inventory, equipment inventory, vehicle mileage register, HR and payroll records) and tax declarations (PIT4, PIT4R, PIT4AR, PIT5, PIT5L, VAT7, VAT7K) and ZUS declarations (RCA, RSA, DRA).

Declarations that are supposed to be delivered to ZUS and IRS in the right date will be sent by the Office by electronic means.

Once in a month the Client will receive: all registers, declarations and amounts due for payments to ZUS and IRS. Service Provider is responsible for documents inventorying in registers.The office is obliged to execute Service till 10th day of the month in relation to ZUS activities and up to 20th day of the month in relation to activities associated with tax registers.

§ 5. Detailed scope of the Service

  • IIndividual assigned accountant
  • Diffrent channels of contact with an accountat: e-mail, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Slack, web application eksię and telephone
  • Documents avaible 24/7
  • Clients data analysis and raport
  • ZUS and IRS declarations
  • Possibility to send HR documents: till 8th day of a month
  • Possibility to send bookkeeping documents: till 16th day of a month
  • IRS and ZUS representation (checking activities, summonses, test proceedings)
  • Responsibility for the correctness of bookkeeping
  • Tax consulting accordingly to the bundle
  • Legal advice accordingly to the bundle
  • Dispatch of ZUS declarations till 10th day of each month
  • Dispatch of IRS declarations till 20th day of each month
  • Free application consisting: invoicing, accounting nad HR document managing, document archive, results and raport panel

§ 6. Płatność

Okres testowy usługi - 30 dni od daty wypełnienia niniejszego zamówienia jest BEZPŁATNY.

Usługodawca będzie wystawiał faktury VAT za kolejne miesiące po okresie testowym z 7-dniowym terminem płatności.

Zapłata przez Klienta za Usługę następuje przelewem na rachunek Usługodawcy.

Usługodawca potwierdza dokonanie płatności na podany przez Usługobiorcę adres poczty elektronicznej.

§ 7. Przetwarzanie danych osobowych

W ramach świadczenia drogą elektroniczną Usług wymagających podania danych osobowych, Usługodawca jest uprawniony, na podstawie art. 18 ust. 1 ustawy z dnia 18 lipca 2002 r. o świadczeniu usług drogą elektroniczną (Dz.U. z 2002 r., Nr 144, poz. 1204, z późń. zm.), do przetwarzania danych osobowych Klientów niezbędnych do nawiązania, ukształtowania treści, zmiany lub rozwiązania umowy o świadczenie Usług przez Usługodawcę oraz wyłącznie w celu prawidłowej realizacji Usług.

Usługodawca może przetwarzać następujące dane osobowe:

a. nazwisko i imiona Klienta,

b. numer ewidencyjny PESEL lub – gdy ten numer nie został nadany – numer paszportu, dowodu osobistego lub innego dokumentu potwierdzającego tożsamość,

c. adres zameldowania na pobyt stały,

d. adres do korespondencji, jeżeli jest inny niż adres zameldowania,

e. adres poczty elektronicznej.

W celu realizacji umowy lub dokonania innej czynności prawnej z usługobiorcą, usługodawca może przetwarzać inne dane niezbędne ze względu na właściwość świadczonej usługi lub sposób jej rozliczenia.

Usługodawca jest administratorem danych osobowych w rozumieniu ustawy z dnia 29 sierpnia 1997 r. o ochronie danych osobowych (tekst jednolity Dz. U. 2002, Nr 101, poz. 926 z późniejszymi zmianami).

Usługodawca, jako administrator danych dba o bezpieczeństwo danych osobowych udostępnionych przez Klientów.

Usługobiorca ma prawo do wglądu i modyfikacji swych danych osobowych.

§ 8. Complaint procedure

All complaints concerning use of the Services provided by the Service Provider should be sent to: Eksięgowy Sp. z o.o. 85-158 Bydgoszcz ul. Orla 42/11 or to email adress: . For the sake of evidence it is recommended to send the complaint in writing by registered letter with receipt confirmation.

The complaint should show Clients indicator in particular his or her email adress. Moreover its necessary to point and to justify the charges underlying the Clients complaint and also point out the scope of a request.

Within 14 working days since reception of the complaint to the mail adress indicated in paragraph 1, Service Provider will investigate the customer complaint in the way that he will send a reply to the Clients adress containing proposal to settle the Clients complaint.

If the Service Provider called the Client to supplement the complaint, the date is calculated from a delivery od the supplemented Clients complaint.

§ 9. Termination of an Agreement

Service provision Agreement can be terminated by the sides without giving the reason and with 1 month notice peroid.

The statement on the termination of an Agreement can be also sent via electronic communication to the email adress indicated by the Sides to mutual contacts.

§ 10. Final provisions

Disputes are being considered by the general jurisdiction court determined accordingly to Act of 17 November 1964 Civil Code (consolidated text: Dziennik Ustaw 2014, item 101 with subsequent amendments).

These Regulations are available in electronic version, including PDF format, on the page Service Provider is reserving the right to make changes to these Regulations in case of amendments to provisions of the law having direct effect on the contents of these Regulations or putting new duties by the state authorities on Service Provider, change of Service Provider data and also in order to improve web page and customer service, improvement of Clients personal data protection and for prevention of abuse.

In case of any update of these Regulations, the updated Regulations will be available on this Web Page along with simultaneous dispatch of message to the Clients about the fact of a latest version being available for them.

The Regulations are available for Clients free of charge via Web Page in the form that enables it being downloaded, saved and printed.

Regulations are coming onto effect with the day 15.01.2017.

§ 6. Payment

Service trial peroid - 30 days from the date of filling the form, it is Free of Charge.

The Service Provider will be issuing VAT invoices for consecutive months after the trail peroid with 7 day payment deadline.

Payment for the Service will be carried out by the Client by money transfer into Service Provider's bank account. Payment confirmation will be sent by the Service Provider to Clients email.

§ 7. Personal data processing

Within the limits of providing Service, by electronic means, that requires submitting personal data, the Service Provider is authorized, according to Article 18 Section 1 Act of 18 July 2002 r. on Providing Services by Electronic Means (Dziennik Ustaw 2002, number 144, item 1204, with subsequent amendments), to process Clients personal data required to establish, form contents, change or to terminate Service provision Agreement by the Service Provider, and only in order to correct completion of Services.

Service Provider can process personal data as follows:

a. Clients surname and name / names,

b. personal identity number or – when this number wasn't assigned – passport number, identity card number or some other document that confirms the identity,

c. permanent residence adress,

d. correspondence adress, if other than residence adress,

e. email adress.

In order to complete the Agreement or to carry out other legal activity with the Client, the Service Provider may process other required data on account of provided Service features or payment methods.

Service Provider is an administrator of personal data in accordance to Act of 29 August 1997 On The Protection of Personal Data (consolidated text: Dziennik Ustaw 2002, number 101, item 926, with subsequent amendments).

Service Provider as the administrator of personal data shared by the Clients is responsible for its safety. The Client have right to have insight and ability to modify own personal data.

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